HRM 600 Week 2 Course Project, Discussion Question


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HRM 600 Week 2, Company Background and HR Strategy

You will see that each section of your paper is provided and explained there. For your Week 2 draft, you should complete parts I and II (the Company Background and HR Strategy.) The total of these two sections should be about 5 pages. Include at least two references this week.

HRM 600 Week 2, Strategic Human Resource Planning

When leadership decides to invest in a new company strategy, and allows HR to sit at the leadership table, some of the first decisions to make are cultural. This week, let’s talk about how mission, vision, values, and culture all lead to important linkages in the HR world. To begin, describe how a company might go about reviewing, revising, and rethinking its culture…where should an HR leader start with this endeavor?hrm 600 week 2