HRM 530 Week 8 Assignment 4, HR Training Class


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HRM 530 Week 8 Assignment 4, HR Training Class

Choosing the best way to conduct training is an integral part of the success of the training.  There are various methods that can be …..to train employees.  The problem with selecting just one method is that different employees learn in different ways.  Training programs must be adaptive.  There are eight methods that are most commonly …. in training employees; presentation, discussion, case study, discovery, role play, simulation, modeling, and on-the-job training(Richardson IV, 2017).  Of the eight methods simulation, role play, presentation, and on the job training tend to be the most effective(Richardson IV, 2017).  However, due to the nature of an individual’s ability to learn utilizing all of the methods could make the training more successful…………….Continuedhrm 530 week 8 assignment

hrm 530 week 8 assignment

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