HRM 530 Final Exam 1


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HRM 530 Final Exam 1

  1. TCO A: Select and discuss two major trends in HRM technology. Then, analyze the ways in which each trend is playing a role in the transformation of the HRM function. Support your analysis by providing specific examples.
  2. TCO B: Explain how the use of HR Metrics and Workforce Analytics can lead to better problem solving and decision making. Provide a specific example.
  3. TCO C: HRM’s involvement with employees goes beyond just hiring. Evaluate and explain how HRM technology might impact talent management. Provide two examples to substantiate your reasoning.
  4. TCO D: You are the HRM Director of XYZ Corporation. You are considering outsourcing some of your HRM functions. Evaluate your options and propose a process to determine what functions to outsource. Explain each step in the process thoroughly.
  5. TCO H: With the increases in HRM technology over the past few years, claims of worker privacy violations have skyrocketed. How would you begin assessing this issue? What specific recommendations would you give to an organization expanding HRM technology about avoiding privacy lawsuits?
  6. TCO E: You are the HRM manager of ABC Corporation. You have implemented a new HRIS system, and have been using it to track typical HRM information. You would like to take your use of the HRIS system to a strategic level. Compare and contrast the distinction between e-HRM and HRIS. Explain how these areas will focus your future strategy.
  7. TCO F: In addition to employee self-service, organizations have implemented manager self-service. Some feel that this empowers managers too much, and takes away necessary controls. Debate the pros and cons of implementing manager self-service.
  8. TCO G: Describe the components of a cost/benefit analysis as part of a business case. In preparing a business case regarding the need for a HRIS, what key components would be included in this communication? Provide a thorough explanation of each component.

hrm 530 final examhrm 530 final exam