HLTH-4000-4,Intro to Hlth Mgt Exam – Week 3 (Ver 2)


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HLTH-4000-4,Intro to Hlth Mgt Exam – Week 3

  1. Within the majority of health care organizations, leaders and employees are coming to depend more on the effectiveness of group efforts.
  2. The paternalistic approach to leadership is a subset of what we know as participative leadership.
  3. The administration of a budget is an integral part of the basic management function of coordinating.
  4. Comparing the popular conceptions of leadership and management, we ordinarily find that:
  5. Unrealistic mandates from higher management and a lack of purpose are common reasons for team failure.
  6. To be fully effective, a departmental team or work group will never recruit members from outside of the department.
  7. The supervisor’s role in working with the budget:
  8. The single significant factor that unites the members of any team is their appointment by the same higher authority.
  9. Leaders shape the culture of an organization, but it is also true that the culture can sometimes shape the leader.
  10. Waldenville Urgent Care Clinic provides:
  11. Treat their employees the way they want customers to be treated
  12. A budget contains information vital to the potential determination of new charges and adjustments to various costs of doing business.
  13. Team players must be given opportunities to develop their technical skills as well as interpersonal skills; that is, the skills that pull people together as a team.
  14. Effective leaders possess team leadership skills to a far greater extent than professional or technical skills.
  15. Having funds left over at the end of the year is a clear indicator of efficient management of resources.
  16. Decision making requires exclusive involvement of an individual’s analytical processes.
  17. Team cooperation is enhanced when employees know that their performance evaluations are affected by the extent to which they display teamwork.
  18. The most workable budgets are those created within the finance department and handed down to the operating divisions.
  19. Most decisions should be made at the lowest possible organizational level.
  20. A team composed entirely of rank-and-file employees:
  21. Autocratic leaders usually make decisions with the participation of their staffs.
  22. The principal causes of overtime include:
  23. Which of the following is not a characteristic of an effective team?
  24. Solitude is rarely effective in stimulating the creative thinking process.
  25. For a supervisor to truly command respect in the department, he or she must openly apply the power of the position at every opportunity.