HLTH-4000-3-Intro to Hlth Mgt-2021 Week 6 Exam (Ver 2)


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HLTH-4000-3-Intro to Hlth Mgt-2021-Winter-QTR-Term

Exam – Week 6

  1. Total quality management (TQM), referred to as in health care, became the new paradigm for quality improvement within the U.S. during the 1980s and 1990s.
  2. Strategic plans translate broad strategies into specific objectives and action plans.
  3. Patients are most likely to complain about the medical care they receive far more than about food or noise or other nonclinical concerns.
  4. Which of the following stakeholder groups should NOT be included in strategic planning?
  5. The IOM report Crossing the Quality Chasm laid out an agenda for the creation of a 21st-century health care system in the USA that is:
  6. Excessive employee turnover has significant effects only on the cost of recruiting and placing replacement employees.
  7. Which aspect(s) of the SWOT analysis aims to identify external market forces?
  8. Which of the following is not a necessary step in the formulation and implementation of an action plan?
  9. A reasonably clear picture of where the organization wishes to be in the coming few years is often an element of a mission statement.
  10. The book Forgive and Remember portrays the surgical culture of personal accountability on which QA is grounded, and underscores which core assumption(s) about medical errors?
  11. Why is the execution of the strategy so important?
  12. Managed care is forcing an increase in customer service communication with an increasing number of external and internal customers.
  13. An effective mission statement must be a detailed document that includes all actions to be taken to fulfill that mission.
  14. What is the purpose of tactical plans?
  15. What do the four letters in the PDCA Model represent?
  16. Which of the following is necessary for successful strategy execution?
  17. Not all HR functions are carried out exclusively by HR staff. Which of the following would be carried out by line managers?
  18. The majority of hospital patients do not want:
  19. Whenever possible, you should give your employees the authority to address and resolve customer complaints.
  20. Why is it important to consider innovations in technology in the development of the strategic plan?
  21. A supervisor can assist in the recruiting process by providing concise, up-to-date position descriptions.
  22. Which of the following is a typical measure used by senior management to directly assess the performance of HR efforts?
  23. What are the components of a Situational Assessment?
  24. Employee Suggestion Programs:
  25. In addressing each customer complaint, do not: