HLTH 1005 Week 3 Quiz – Question and Answers


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HLTH 1005 Week 3 Quiz (60 out of 60 points)

  1. Home health services do not include which of the following?
  2. Payments for home health services are made most frequently by:
  3. Coordination and referral among a variety of health care services are provided by:
  4. The most intensive type of health care is referred to as:
  5. Complementary treatments are used together with conventional medicine, and alternative interventions are used instead of conventional medicine.
  6. Community health centers only help patients who have insurance.
  7. Where would individuals most likely obtain medical equipment?
  8. Which setting does not provide hospice services?
  9. The term _____ implies that patients do not visit specialists and are not admitted to a hospital without be referred by their PCP.
  10. Outpatient care is also referred to as:
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