HLT 610 Discussion Questions Module 1 to 4


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HLT 610 Discussion Questions 1 Module 1: How is networking necessary for building a successful career?  Identify the networking strategy you think is the most effective for the job search, and  which strategy you think is most effective for ongoing professional development. Explain why.

HLT 610 Discussion Question 2 Module 1: How does mentoring facilitate the networking process? Discuss this from the perspective of a mentor, and from the perspective of a mentee.

HLT 610 Module 2 Discussion Question 1: What do you feel is the most important component in the development and maintenance of a successful professional identity?  What steps  will you take to develop this component in your professional life?

HLT 610 Module 2 Discussion Question 2: How can a professional portfolio be used to convey your professional identity ? What do you think would be important to include in your professional portfolio?

HLT 610 Module 3 Discussion Question 1: It is important for professionals to conduct themselves according to their discipline’s standards to promote the general good of the discipline. However, adherence to professional standards is not always enforceable. Provide an example that demonstrates this concept.

HLT 610 Module 4 Discussion Question 1: Describe an interview, or interview question, that you found to be difficult. How did you handle it at the time and, in retrospect, what might you have done differently?

HLT 610 Module 4 Discussion Question 2: Your résumé/CV is an essential component of your professional portfolio. How is it …..convey your professional identity prior to the job interview?hlt 610 discussion questions

HLT 610 Discussion Questions