HLT 555 Week 7 Assignment, Reducing the Risk of Foodborne illnesses


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HLT 555 Week 7 Assignment, Reducing the Risk of Food-borne illnesses Paper

The study has added new ideas in the mind of the people. For example, in our research topic, which asks whether food safety people have learned the causes of food-borne illness? Things such as changes in production and increase in imports are some of the causes. Most people only knew that food illness is caused by not eating a balanced diet and not observing cleanliness when preparing food. However, after the study, they have learned new things about food illnesses, their causes, and prevention.

HLT 555 Week 7 Assignment, Reducing the Risk of Food-borne illnesses Presentation

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Introduction and History of HACCP

The Steps involved in the Development and Implementation of a HACCP Plan

The advantage of using HACCP rather than traditional food safety Program

Critical Control Points and Critical Limits in the HACCP programs

Monitoring: An important Step in the HACCP Systemhlt 555 week 7 assignment