HLT 540 Week 8 Assignment 1, Proposal Development


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HLT 540 Week 8 Assignment 1, Proposal Development

Deductibles are rising here in the U.S. The deductibles that patients are having to pay out of pocket before their health care plan even kicks in are at 63% up in the past few years. The comparison came from the 19% of growth in the plans premiums through that period. The deductibles starting to rise acts as a change in who could be exposed to financial risk. This has become more of a hardship for individuals and families having to pay the out of pocket costs. Insures are no longer dealing with it until the members meet their deductibles. This was set up to keep the members from spending more than what is needed from health care users…………..Continued

HLT 540 Week 8 Assignmenthlt 540 week 8 assignment