HLT 540 Week 8 Assignment 2, Stakeholder Scenario


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HLT 540 Week 8 Assignment 2, Stakeholder Scenario

General Hospital action plan, a common vision GH 2017 (“will be ….to as the GH 2017 plan”). It introduces a forward new vision for the hospital: to become a more efficient health care facility. The development of this strategic plan has been a collective effort. It has been designed to ensure that all medical staff members of GH have all the tools they need to provide exquisite care to patients. The Centers of Medicine and Medicaid Studies have determined that timely pre- opt application of antibiotics is starting to be more of a requirement. They will display the reported information on their web site for the staff to see. The new antibiotic needs to be ……IV one hour prior to the patient ….taken into surgery……………..Continued

HLT 540 Week 8 Assignmenthlt 540 week 8 assignment 2