HLT 362V Week 3 Quiz – Question and Answers


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HLT 362 V Week 3 Quiz

  1. If you are conducting a study on the impacts of diet and exercise on high blood pressure and you take a proportional sample based upon race/ethnicity, this would be an example of:
  2. If a researcher does not select the appropriate level of significance (alpha) based upon prior research or industry standard and concludes that the study found a statistical difference when in fact there was no difference, this is referred to as:
  3. To obtain a sample of 20 patients in ICU, clinician goes to the ICU and selects the current patients. This is an example of a:
  4. Scenario Based Question: If you were conducting a study of blood pressure readings in a hospital unit, compared AM and PM readings, and assumed the data were normally distributed and variances were equal, what type of statistical test would be conducted?
  5. Which of the following can be reduced by proper interviewer training?
  6. Which of the following would be an appropriate null hypothesis?
  7. In a research study, if the sample size is too low and the results do not find a statistical difference when in fact there is a difference, this is referred to as:
  8. Quantitative research strives for quality and the ability to apply the analysis to a broader population. This is referred to as:
  9. A Type I error is committed when:
  10. A Type II error is committed when: