HLT 305 Discussion Questions with Answers Week 1 to 8


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HLT 305 Topic 1 DQ 1

Explain the impact that culture, tradition, and personal experience has on ethical worldview. Does your worldview change over time? Please provide a personal example or experience

HLT 305 Topic 1 DQ 2

The textbook discusses the eight stages of the health care revolution. Which of these specific events do you feel have had the most significant impact on professional value systems? Why?

HLT 305 Topic 2 Discussion Question 1

Medical errors play a big role in health care. Understanding a health care professional’s role in the communication of medical errors is critical to an organization. After reading Chapter 8 in your textbook, explain in detail your role in reporting a medical error. What aspects do you need to consider? Who/what/where/when and how is this error reported?

HLT 305 Topic 2 DQ 2

What are the differences between negligence and liability? How do these terms apply specifically to medical practice?

HLT 305 Topic 2 DQ 3

Professional ethical standards focus on confidentiality, negligence, malpractice, and the protection of human rights. Discuss why each of these are critical focal areas in today’s health care system.

HLT 305 Topic 2 DQ 4

Given the changing health care system, what is a current hot topic in the health care profession that would challenge your standards of practice? How would you overcome that challenge?

HLT 305 Topic 3 Discussion Question 1

What are the limits of patient confidentiality? Are there situations in which a duty to warn or otherwise protect third parties might exist? Provide a rationale for your position.

HLT 305 Topic 3 DQ 2

We have a growing opioid epidemic in the United States. What role does a medical professional have in combating this crisis? Discuss the importance of the National Opioid Reporting Database and educational responsibilities of health care providers. Please use references to support your response.

HLT 305 Topic 3 DQ 3

Explain the Patients’ Bill of Rights and share an example of how these apply to different situations in health care today.

HLT 305 Topic 3 DQ 4

Discuss the challenges of gaining informed consent when working with different cultures and/or vulnerable populations.

HLT 305 Topic 4 Discussion Question 1

Identify and defend an ethical issue around human reproduction. Utilize examples in your answer and cite sources appropriately.

HLT 305 Topic 4 DQ 2

What ethical issues surround the use of kidney dialysis machines? What roles do you think social or economic factors play in decisions? Do the rich and poor have the same access? What criteria would you use to decide who would receive dialysis if the resource was limited?

HLT 305 Topic 4 DQ 3

In health care there are often different backgrounds and beliefs present between medical staff and patients. What challenges and benefits do you see when working in a group setting? What are some suggestions of how conflict could be reduced while embracing the team approach between medical staff and patients?

HLT 305 Topic 4 DQ 4

What stakeholders might we see present when making health care decisions? How do we meet all of their expectations?

HLT 305 Topic 5 Discussion Question 1

Why is competence sometimes very difficult to determine? Why is the ability of the patient to make an informed refusal so impacted by competence? When are patients legally allowed to be irrational?

HLT 305 Topic 5 DQ 2

What are the limits of patient confidentiality? Do you recognize situations in which a duty to warn or otherwise protect third parties might exist?

HLT 305 Topic 5 DQ 3

Kidder’s ethical checkpoints is a decision-making model that is often used in health care. Provide an example of how this model could be used to make an ethical decision. What do you like and dislike about this model?

HLT 305 Topic 5 DQ 4

What approached discussed this topic do you feel would work the best for you? Why are you drawn to this model over others?

HLT 305 Topic 6 Discussion Question 1

Identify three ways in which we could embrace spiritual wellness within an organization with our medical staff. Provide references for support.

HLT 305 Topic 6 DQ 2

What are some options to reduce burnout with medical professionals? This is a more challenging question as workload reduction is not an option in many situations. What are some creative and inspirational ways to reduce stress in the workplace? Please share any examples you may have with the class.

HLT 305 Topic 6 DQ 3

We continue to see suicide rates rise in medical professionals. What are some ideas of different interventions, techniques, services, or opportunities we could use to positively reach them sooner and reduce stress?

HLT 305 Topic 6 DQ 4

Share how team collaboration and gratitude/recognition can positively impact health care professionals mental and physical health. Please share any examples you may have with the class.

HLT 305 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1

Is Physician Aid-in-Dying suicide? What are the ethical issues involved? How as a medical professional would you handle this situation?

HLT 305 Topic 7 DQ 2

Is life extension an enhancement? Why or why not? Is it useful? What are the ramifications of this process?

HLT 305 Topic 7 DQ 3

What are the different methods of surrogate decision-making near the end of life? Why is it important to know these and have them on file?

HLT 305 Topic 7 DQ 4

What is grief? What are the stages of grief? What should we expect and prepare for when providing end-of-life care to a patient and family?

HLT 305 Topic 8 Discussion Question 1

Consider the problem of rising health care costs and the current health care crisis. Offer some possible solutions. How is this an ethical issue?

HLT 305 Topic 8 DQ 2

What are the ethical implications related to technology access in health care today? What issues in this area do you anticipate that we will see in the future?

HLT 305 Topic 8 DQ 3

What is the Clinical Research and Institutional Review Board (IRB) responsibility in the current and future health care system? Why is research important in the changing health care system?

HLT 305 Topic 8 DQ 4

Given the topics that have been discussed in this class, what legal or ethical issues do you see coming in the future? How can we prepare for these?