HLT 302 Week 5 Assignment, Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity


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HLT 302 Week 5 Assignment, Health Care Provider and faith Diversity

In every health care facility across the nation, there are patients from various different cultures. These patients come from different religious beliefs, backgrounds and ideology. Not only are the patients diverse, so are the providers. In order to provide the best quality of care, health care providers must consider the religious beliefs of the patient and be able to conform to the beliefs of the patient when providing care. The provider needs to be able to execute treatment without judgment, with respect of beliefs and by honoring the wishes of each unique patient. With all of the beliefs, religion and practices that exist. It is inevitable that each of these beliefs will view medicine and treatment different. …………Continued (06 Pages with References)

hlt 302 week 5 assignmenthlt 302 week 5 assignment