HLT 205 Week 3 Assignment, Insurance Reimbursement in US Healthcare


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HLT 205 Week 3 Assignment, Insurance, and Reimbursement in the U.S. Health Care System Presentation


The focus of this assignment will be on the foundation and processes that have been established, bringing the U.S. health care system where it is today. You will also consider how current and future plans for financing and reimbursement are currently impacting cost and access of health care.

Create a 12-15 slide presentation that includes detailed speaker notes for each slide. In your presentation, explore the following points:

  • How was health care insurance establish in the United States?
  • What is the purpose of different health care insurances? (i.e., private, group, self, public)
  • What is cost-sharing, and how has this impacted health care?
  • What reimbursement methods are presently use? (e.g., bundled services, fee-for-service)
  • What are retrospective and prospective reimbursements? What are some positives and negatives of each? HLT 205 Week 3
  • Present and future national health expenditures. Provide a brief overview. How do they influence health care insurance at the present and how will they in the future?

hlt 205 week 3 assignment