HIM 515 Foundations and Concepts of Health Care Informatics


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HIM 515 Foundations and Concepts of Health Care Informatics

HIM 515 Weekly Course Assignments

HIM515 History of Informatics and Areas of Practice -Entity Rankings (10 Pages)
HIM-515 History of Informatics and Areas of Practice Rankings (4 Pages)
HIM 515 Regulations and Implementations
HIM-515 CLC Assignment: History of Informatics Specialty Area
HIM 515 Current State Evaluation
HIM-515 Defines how a terminology system such as SNOWMED would interact ICD-10
HIM 515 Infrastructure Evaluation
HIM-515 Standards and Health Care Applications and Operations
HIM 515 APA Research Paper

HIM 515 Discussion Questions

Topic 1 Discussion Question 1:

What comprises components of an information system? What does “accessibility” mean in the context of IT systems and how does it apply to health care settings? Research and provide input on what you believe is the next “cutting-edge technology” that will impact health care and how would you incorporate it for use.

Topic 1 Discussion Question 2:

As a graduate student and as a new Clinical Informatics entering into the field of HealthCare Informatics, utilizing and understanding the resources pertaining to the concepts of data transmission is essential including the “Health Information Exchange” presentation.

Topic 2 Discussion Question 1:

Interviewing family practice MD regarding the use, implementation and security of Electronic Health Records.

Topic 2 Discussion Question 2:

Why aren’t EHR Adoption Rates Highest in the United States? What are the reasons for this lag? How can those in health care IT/informatics close the gap?

Topic 3 Discussion Question 1:

The quick and to the point answer to the question, “why are there so many different EMR systems”, is because of the various and diverse needs of the various and diverse providers and hospitals to support the health care environment, the different requirements associated with systems, and various price points.

Topic 3 Discussion Question 2:

ONC’s primary role is to provide oversight to the various nationwide initiatives that are designed to improve the adoption and implementation of health information technology (HIT) and the electronic exchange of health information.

Topic 4 Discussion Question 1:

What constitutes “best of breed”?

Which benefits or challenges do best of breed and single vendor systems have in common? Where do they differ?

Topic 4 Discussion Question 2:

Health information system is a comprehensive, integrated information system that is designed to manage the administrative, financial, and the clinical aspects of the healthcare.

Topic 5 Discussion Question 1:

A request for proposal commonly known as RFP is a document prepared by an organization and posted to elicit bids from potential vendors for a desired IT solution.

Topic 5 Discussion Question 2:

Alert or alarm fatigue is a term used to denote the desensitization among physicians or nurses as a result of frequent alerts from a clinical decision support system. Alert are in the form of warnings about items such as potentially dangerous interaction.