HCI 670 Discussion Questions with Answers Topic 1 to 4


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HCI 670 Discussion Questions with answers Topic 1 to 4

HCI 670 Topic 1 DQ 1: Describe the benefits of a clinical workflow and explain how an EHR-related workflow applies to informatics.

HCI670 Topic 1 DQ 2: What are the possible solutions to prevent data entry errors? How does this relate to the overall integrity of the database and the analytic process?

HCI670 Topic 2 DQ 1: Provide an example of an EHR-based clinical decision support tool from a workplace experience or current online resource. Describe the impact of the decision support tool on the quality of patient care.

HCI_670 Topic 2 DQ 2: Discuss design principles used to facilitate heuristics in a clinical decision support process. Provide a workplace example and offer suggestions to improve the clinical decision support? Provide a rationale for why you made those suggestions.

HCI_670 Topic 3 DQ 1: Define “need assessment” and explain the various types of need assessments. Provide a workplace example of an improvement opportunity and identify the methods of needs assessment that could be used in this situation.

HCI670 Topic 3 DQ 2: Patient safety is a major concern for the health care industry. Refer to the topic resources to discuss how this concern may be addressed during the EHR needs assessment.

HCI670 Topic 4 DQ 1: Consider the concept of data governance. Discuss the important strategies required for a data governance program.

HCI 670 Topic 4 DQ 2: Discuss how you would use data to develop information, knowledge, and wisdom in the workplace.