HCI 670 Discussion Questions with Responses Topic 5 to 8


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HCI 670 Discussion Questions Topic 5 to 8

HCI 670 Topic 5 DQ 1: What are the benefits of a workflow analysis? Describe some of the questions that need to be addressed when doing a workflow analysis?

HCI 670 Topic 5 DQ 2: Provide an example of something that was implemented and went poorly because workflow analysis was not done. Describe why it failed and what happened as a result.

HCI 670 Topic 6 DQ 1: Explain at least two different types of user testing, their importance, and provide an example.

HCI 670 Topic 6 DQ 2: Refer to the assigned reading, “Exploratory Testing vs Scripted Testing – A Quick Guide,” to discuss in which step of the user testing process the most crucial bugs are identified.

HCI_670 Topic 7 DQ 1: What are your principles of adult learning and their application to end-user training. Provide an example of training you have attended and how adult learning principles were utilized.

HCI 670 Topic 7 DQ 2: Discuss how organizational culture impacts the success of system implementation. Identify strategic change initiative success factors and discuss how these factors impact successful system implementation.

HCI 670 Topic 8 DQ 1: Changing health information systems can have a direct impact on the quality of patient care. Discuss initiatives that can enhance patient care quality during advanced stages of EHR adaption. Refer to the topic resources for help answering this question.

HCI 670 Topic 8 DQ 2: Measure evaluation improves the success of EHR implementation. Discuss the steps that can be taken during the measurement process and the desired results of the measurement process. Refer to the topic resources for help.

HCI 670 Discussion Questions