HCA 699 Topic 2 Section A Problem Description


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HCA 699 Topic 2 Section A

Obesity is one of the major health concerns in the United States. The health condition is becoming extremely common and is ……as the chief cause of the rise in other related sicknesses. Such as cancer, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. As such, obesity is a pandemic that has significant negative implications to not only general public health, but also healthcare providers as well as financials and funding. The prevalent condition affects approximately one-third of the adult population and approximately 17 percent of the young generation within the US. Statistically, around 12 million kids and 78 million adults are obese:This can ….as a health condition of epidemic proportions.  In a study carried out in 2013, the number of obese adults remained significantly high. All US states had obesity rates above 21 percent…………..hca 699 topic 2