HCA 620 Week 1 Business Plan Elements Completion Form, Discussion


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HCA 620 Week 1 Assignment, Business Plan Elements Completion Form

HCA 620 Week 1: To successfully complete the Individual Project Plan assignment later in this course, you will need to understand what a project is. How it functions, and how to structure a project for maximum efficiency and success. And you need to develop proficiency with MS Project. Considering those goals, this assignment will allow you to interact with explanatory media and software-specific tutorials to gain foundational information about the working and structure of a project and to develop rudimentary skill in using project management software.

Interact with the media tool “Planning: Business/Project Plan Evaluation and Development.” To fulfill this assignment, you need to complete several tasks during this interaction:

  1. Launch the number “1” button on the “Welcome” page to watch three brief videos. View the two Course Introduction Videos: “Course Introduction” and “Capstone Project,” and the Business Plan Video: “Business Plan Elements.”
  2. Read the sections entitled “Business Plan Overview” and “Capstone Project.” You can access these from a tab above the video section, or move back to the Course Instructions and select the number “2” button. 
  3. Launch the number “3” button to complete the “Self-Assessment.”
  4. Once you have completed the “Self-Assessment,” you will be directed to the “Module 1 Assignment” screen (i.e., Topic 1 Assignment), with options to download Acrobat Reader (if you don’t already have it installed), and to download the PDF. Download the PDF, which is entitled “Business Plan Elements Completion Form.”
  5. Save the “Business Plan Elements Completion Form” to your local drive as a PDF document.
  6. Complete the three sections in the form, re-save, and then submit the completed form to your instructor.

Begin navigating the MS Project tutorial as soon as possible. You need to develop basic proficiency in this application to successfully complete the Individual Project Plan in Topic 8.

HCA 620 Week 1 Discussion Question 1

Explain the nature of your assigned CLC Business Plan. What challenges do you anticipate? What information or resources do you need to be successful? Your CLC Business Plan is based on a hypothetical situation. How can you produce a realistic document that maximizes learning in a simulated context?

HCA 620 Week 1 Discussion Question 2

How do you envision the knowledge and skills you will acquire in this course helping you succeed in your career?

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