HCA 620 CLC Assignment, Business Plan Week 4 and 7


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HCA 620 CLC Assignment Week 4 , Business Plan Progress Report

HCA 620 CLC Assignment Week 7, Business Plan (Ambulatory Surgery Center)

Our orthopedic Ambulatory Surgery Center will be for anyone who needs extreme treatment immediately, regardless of the stage of the illness. The service of quality care through our extensive team of board certified and approved surgeons. Along with the end goal of making surgery nearly painless. With top-notch machinery and equipment, our team will have the best in their arsenal. Providing quality care, access to that care, at an affordable rate will be what our team of surgeons, along with the rest of the staff, strive to provide to everyone that walks through the doors of the facility……………………………Continued (22 Pages with References)

HCA 620 Week 7 CLC Assignment, Business Plan (Community Health Program)

Hypothetical Healthcare is an integrated health care system serving the diverse neighborhoods of Our City. It is offering high-quality, affordable health care services to meet the needs of Our City’s population, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay. We work with our community members and health care providers. To enhance public health and promote physical and mental health for our diverse population. …………..Continued(13 Pages with References)

HCA 620 Week 7 CLC Assignment, Business Plan (Electronic Medical Record)

Health Fusion is a cloud based electronic health record Program. That heaps in organizing and maintaining health records of patients all over the world. It has different charts, forms and prescription and medication management and etc. in order to manage the patient’s documents properly (Heinemann & Stepura, M. 2017). This system only offers to record the medical records but it can also be used to check the insurance of patients. This website/program can be accessed through the Internet on computers, tablets and mobile phones and requires no special needs. This program which also includes training and customer care uses monthly subscription system for its monthly income. The forms of the patient can be individually ….for their needs…………………………..Continued (10 Pages with References)hca 620 clc assignment