HCA 620 Capstone Project Week 3 and 7


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HCA 620 Capstone Project Proposal Week 3 (Nurse Retention)

Midland Memorial Hospital is developing an evidence-based nursing internship program to help meet the needs and challenges many new graduates face. There is much literature that suggests there are manychallenges facingnew graduates during their transition from student to new working nurse, there is a higher turnover within the first few years after graduation. In the nursing world there is a common saying that “nurses eat their young”, this……………….Continued (10 Pages with References)

HCA 620 Capstone Project Proposal (Week 3 Obesity)

From the mid 90’s, studies show that one of the main reasons for rise in health issues is the increase in obesity. From young kids to adults in their 70’s are suffering from obesity. It is often forgotten that obesity is not deadly but other disease it causes are very dangerous. Researches show that obese people are 80 percent more prone to get a heart attack in young age as compared to the people who are fit and eat healthy. The following paper will discuss in detail the main causes of obesity and what measures can be taken to remove those causes from Maryland as it is one of the major states of US (Kruszon-Moran, D., Kit, B. K., & Flegal, K. M. 2016).History or the matter shall also be taken under consideration whereas; new and latest analysis on obesity will also be looked upon.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Continued (13 Pages with References)

HCA 620 Week 7 Capstone Project, Preliminary Literature Review 1
  1. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Evidence-based Research
  2. Transcendental Meditation for Treatment of PTSD
  3. Military-Tailored Yoga for Veterans with PTSD
  4. Influence of deployment stress and life stress on PTSD diagnosis among military personnel
  5. A Dynamic Model of PTSD for Military Personnel and Veterans
  6. Art Therapy Among Military Service Members and Veterans with PTSD
  7. A systematic Review of Exercise and PTSD in military veterans
  8. Occupational Role on New-Onset PTSD and Depression among Deployed Military Personnel
  9. Innovative Method to Treat Military Sexual Trauma and PTSD
  10. Mental Disability Military (MDM) Assessment Tool for Determining Disability in PTSD Veterans
HCA 620 Week 7 Capstone Project, Preliminary Literature Review 2 (Obesity in Adolescents
  1. Obesity in adolescents with intellectual disability: Prevalence and associated characteristics
  2. Increased physical activity may be more protective for metabolic syndrome than reduced caloric intake. An analysis of estimated energy balance in US adults
  3. Green space and Obesity: A Systematic Review of the Evidence
  4. Assessment of obesity, overweight and its association with the fast food consumption in medical students
  5. Prevalence of childhood andadult obesity in the United States
  6. The disproportionate economic burden associated with severe and complicated obesity: a systematic review
  7. Health consequences of weight stigma: implications for obesity prevention and treatment.
  8. Overweight, obesity, and postmenopausal invasive breast cancer risk: a secondary analysis of the women’s health initiative randomized clinical trials
  9. Associations between obesity and comorbid mental health, developmental and physical health conditions in a nationally representative sample of US children aged 10 to 17
  10. American Society of Clinical Oncology position statement on obesity and cancer

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