HCA 545 Discussion Question with Answers Module 1 to 8


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HCA 545 Discussion Question 1 Module 1

Using the example of a governance team following a major change process, discuss a situation in which you were involved. Include the problem, the team members involved, identification of stakeholders, processes followed, etc. How effective was the team approach? What major challenges did the team face and how were they….? What could your team have done to be more effective?

HCA545 Discussion Question 2 Module 1

The text discusses the characteristics of complex adaptive systems and managing those systems. How do such systems differ from traditional management systems? How are they the same?

HCA545 Module 2 Discussion Question 1

In team building, discuss ways in which you develop a team and set an objective/mission, and discuss how and why you would develop a team and what would you do at the conclusion of the mission. Why is it important to define each team member’s role and responsibility? Should all team members …….all project activities, meetings, and discussions?

HCA 545 Module 2 Discussion Question 2

Regarding the importance of team building retreats and/or training sessions, discuss the effectiveness of those you have been involved in. What effect did they have on your performance and attitudes in the short run and the long run? Did they fulfill their stated objectives? Did they fulfill your expectations?

HCA545 Module 3 Discussion Question 1

Refer to “Terrorism Preparedness” in your assigned readings. According to the article, identify what local, county, and state assets you feel need to be in place as an answer to counterterrorism preparedness and why.

HCA545 Module 3 Discussion Question 2

Refer to “Impact of Small Nuclear Weapons on Washington, DC: Outcomes and Emergency Response Recommendation” in your assigned readings. Choose three issues that are ……critical according to the report and analyze how your community measures up, especially in the realm of health care response preparedness.

HCA545 Module 4 Discussion Question 1

Describe the concept of skill mix and why it is important. Develop a scenario that requires the use of skill mix and explain how the actions you chose accomplish skill mix.

HCA545 Module 4 Discussion Question 2

Of the two approaches on managing unproductive employees — the closed impersonal method and the modern persuasion method — which is more effective and why? Explain your reasoning.

HCA 545 Module 5 Discussion Question 1

Consider the neighborhood/community that your health care organization (HCO) serves. What are examples of disparities in health care delivery that exist? What processes/policies does your HCO have in place to address these disparities? Where these processes/policies implemented by the HCO’s own initiative or some sort of government mandate? How effective have they been?

HCA 545 Module 5 Discussion Question 2

Subject of training or education in health care usually centers on training employees. However, more attention ……to education that addresses the health care organization’s community — that is, the people it serves. What education outreach programs does your organization have in place? What are the delivery methods and where are they……? Have they been effective and what more can and should……?

HCA 545 Module 6 Discussion Question 1

Discuss the concept of the team approach (including governance) in having roles in developing shared visions and common goals.

1) Why is it important to define each team member’s role and responsibility?

2) Why is it important to involve all team members in project activities, meetings, and discussions?

3) Why is it important that the team leader seek commitment from all members?

4) Why is it important that once a project is concluded that each team member is acknowledged and rewarded when appropriate?

HCA 545 Module 6 Discussion Question 2

A major concern of health care organizations, as with most organizations, is the issue of safety for employees, patients, vendors, visitors, etc. What are some of the procedures that your organization has in place to address the situation? Is enough being done or are there issues that you feel need to be addressed but are not? What can you do about it?

HCA 545 Discussion Question 1 Module 7

What are the four cultural structures in health care organizations? How does each impact organizational behavior? How-do they apply to your organization? How effectively does your organization address cultural styles and differences?

HCA 545 Discussion Question 2 Module 7

Your text states that “Laissez-faire leadership is non-leadership, when the leader is perceived as being indifferent to follower actions and organizational outcomes” (page 340). Do you agree with this statement? In what situations might this actually be an effective style of leadership? When might this be an ineffective style of leadership?

HCA545 Discussion Question 1 Module 8

Do you think that a person who needs medical care would consider the religious type of hospital before being admitted and why? Does the way in which a health care facility addresses religion affect the outcomes of patient care?

HCA545 Discussion Question 2 Module 8

Review the case study “No African Americans Allowed — White Patient’s Racism Rules at Pennsylvanian Hospital” in chapter 13 of the textbook. What rights does the patient have in such a situation? Consider what effects might be the result of ignoring the patient’s request. As a leader of the organization, how would you handle such a situation?hca 545 discussion question