HCA 530 Topic 4 Assignment, Coder Interview


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HCA 530 Topic 4 Assignment, Coder Interview Assignment

Whenever a patient receives services, the patient is ….for those services. The only way that a patient is not …..is if they visit a free clinic. Medical billers and medical coders are responsible for determining the cost of the patient’s visit. A medical biller and coder has been …….at Virginia Oncology Associates. Virginia Oncology Associates is a cancer research center that performs study treatments on patients. The research is conducted on patients who have been consented and are in agreeance to be put on a certain cancer treatment study.The process that the medical biller and coder’s use to adhere to certain reimbursement requirements for specific billing purpose’s…………….Continued (05 Pages with References)

hca 530 topic 4hca 530 topic 4