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HCA 530 Topic 1 Discussion 1

How can corporation rules, government regulations, and accounting standards impact health care financial management? Provide an example.

HCA 530 Topic 1 Discussion 2

With mandates stemming from EMTALA to provide health care, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay, what safeguards should you consider to ensure departmental solvency?

HCA 530 Topic 2 Discussion 1

How would you react to a physician who wants the organization to purchase a new piece of technology that the competing hospital has so he can bring his patients to your hospital rather than the competition? What factors would you consider in evaluating the wisdom of supporting his request?

HCA 530 Topic 2 Discussion 2

Describe your preference between managing a fixed or variable expense department. Why ? What are the pros and cons of both ?

HCA 530 Topic 3 Discussion 1

Explain how the four primary financial statements are used to describe an organization’s financial performance. Why would it be important to know the organization’s scope of business when reviewing these financial statements?

HCA 530 Topic 3 Discussion 2

Describe the concepts balanced scorecard and dashboard. How can these tools be used to improve financial performance?

HCA 530 Week 4 Discussion 1

Increased demand for health care services leads to an increasing need for health care organizations to be cost efficient. What are the factors that impact an organization’s financial viability?

HCA 530 Week 4 Discussion 2

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act established a pilot program to expand the use payment bundling for better coordinated care for Medicare beneficiaries. What impact does payment bundling have on health care costs?

HCA 530 Topic 5 Discussion 1

Define the economic concepts of opportunity cost, supply and demand, and marginal analysis. Discuss how they could be ….to the decision making of individuals, health care providers, or the government.

HCA 530 Week 5 Discussion 2

Distinguish between government, health care providers, and patient views regarding quality of medical care. Provide examples of types of care that would be ….quality.

HCA 530 Week 7 Discussion 1

Which of the following types of costs would be the most challenging for a clinical department versus a nonclinical department: total cost, fixed cost, variable cost, average total cost, or marginal cost? Explain your reasoning.

HCA 530 Topic 7 Discussion 2

In the healthcare, the position of the long-run average cost curve is ……by a set of circumstances that includes the price of all inputs, quality, and patient case mix. Provide an example of a change that will cause the long-run average cost curve to shift down. Justify the validity of the example. In your response to peers, discuss whether you agree or disagree with the examples provided by your peers.

HCA 530 Topic 8 Discussion 1

Compare and contrast the public interest and special interest theories that describe the motivation behind government intervention in the health care market. Which theory do you believe is the most accurate? Why?

HCA 530 Topic Discussion 2

What is the information imperfection in health care and how does it impact the efficiency of the market?hca 530 topic discussion

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