HCA 515 Discussion Question with Answers Week 1 to 8


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HCA 515 Topic 1 Discussion Question 1

Are health care professionals the cause of higher health care costs or are the effects of more technology and the demand for services the cause of raising costs?

HC 515 Topic 1 Discussion Question 2

Is health care a right or a privilege?

HC 515 Week 2 Discussion Question 1

Determinants of health reach beyond the boundaries of traditional health care and public health sectors. Sectors such as education, housing, transportation, agriculture, and environment can be important allies in improving population health. Provide a documented example in which this has been demonstrated, and provide supporting evidence.

HCA 515 Week 2 Discussion Question 2

What are health indicators and how are they use? Present your answer in an example format in which you explain what the health indicator is and how it can be used. There are numerous examples available, and it is not appropriate to repeat one that has already been posted.

HCA515 Week 3 Discussion Question 1

According to the assigned readings in Delivering Health Care in America: A Systems Approach, what is meant by health care financing in its broad sense? What impacts do various financing options have on different population segments that are reliant upon the health care delivery system?

HCA_515 Week 3 Discussion Question 2

The Medicaid program serves the poor. Discuss its financing, eligibility, and benefits that are covered for our most vulnerable populations. How can the system efficiency be improved while delivering cost-effectiveness?

HCA515 Week 4 Discussions Question 1

Given your readings, present two reasons for increased health care costs. How might such costs be …..while still providing quality health care?

HCA_515 Week 4 Discussion Question 2

Why have health care regulations been largely unsuccessful? Support your answer with evidence.

HCA515 Week 5 Discussion Question 1

Read “Key Features of the Affordable Care Act by Year,” located on the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services website, that is found in the Topic Materials. Select an issue in the timeline and research one journal or Internet article that discusses where the issue stands in the process of health care reform implementation. Include your opinion on effectiveness and quality related to the issue, using literature to support your stance. Debate your peers’ answers.

HCA_515 Week 5 Discussion Question 2

Describe one general trend related to health care financing reorganization associated with one of the following: free market, government financing, or employer-based. What is your opinion on the outcome? There are numerous trends available, and it is not appropriate to repeat one that has already been posted.

HC 515 Week 6 Discussion Question 1

Define the concept of globalization of health care and provide an analysis of the benefits and challenges of such an international system. Research current literature on the effectiveness of current efforts, governmental as well as nongovernmental, including major challenges being …… Do you feel that an effective global health care system is realistic?

HCA 515 Week 6 Discussion Question 2

What are the implications of the migration of patients and health care workers across borders? Describe the financial incentives and quality of care considerations. Some would say that the United States provides health care services to needy populations outside of the country while many of its own citizens lack needed health care services. What are your feelings on this issue.

HCA515 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1

Describe perceived discrimination related to health care as …..in “Discrimination and Racial Disparities in Health: Evidence and Needed Research.” What is your reaction to the article’s premise of racial and perceived racial discrimination patterns in health care delivery? Support your opinion with references and experiences. For this discussion, please include the importance of diversity and inclusion in healthcare.

HCA 515 Topic 7 Discussion Question 2

Wakerman recommends expansion of research in primary health centers located in rural communities. Some of the areas he considers are financing, providers, community participation, health information systems, and performance measures. If you were a government or foundation funder, which of these areas would you fund research in? Why?

HCA515 Topic 8 Discussion Question 1

What are the current incentives and disincentives ….by medical students in choosing to become primary care versus specialty-focused physicians? What is the impact of credentialing and regulation of health care professionals (both nationally and state-to-state)? How would you change the system to become more balanced; that is, how would you attract more people to become primary care physicians? When you answer this question, think about foreign medical students, their role and the possibility of them not returning to their home country.

HCA 515 Week 8 Discussion Question 2

What is the accepted explanation for the nursing shortage? Consider the following explanation: “There is no ‘shortage’ of nurses; there is a shortage of people willing to put up with the conditions nurses must work under.” Do you agree? Why or why not?