HCA 465 Course Assinments Topic 1 to 8


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HCA 465 Course Assignments

HCA 465 Topic 1 Assignment, Incorporate of Management Theory into Practice

HCA_465 Topic 2 Health Care and Human Resources Legislation Presentation

HCA465 Topic 3 Assignment, Health Care Organizational Planning Presentation

HCA 465 Topic 3 Assignment, Home Care Application

HCA465 Topic 4 Assignment, Community Care Application

HCA465 Topic 4 Assignment, Healthcare Job Analysis

HCA_465 Topic 5 Assignment, Hospital Application

HCA_465 Topic 5 Benchmark Assignment, New Employee Orientation and Professional Development Programs in Hospital

HCA465 Topic 6 Assignment, Health Care Policy, and Procedure Development

HCA465 Topic 6 Benchmark, Transitional Care Application

HCA_465 Topic 7 Assignment, Primary Care Application

HCA_465 Topic 8 HR Management Tools and Teams

HCA 465 Course Assignments