HCA 375 Week 5 Discussion Question, Final Exam


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HCA 375 Week 5 Discussion 1, Role of Physicians and Nurses

HCA 375 Week 5 Discussion 2, CQI (TWO Version)

After completing this week’s reading, you have learned that teamwork is an essential part of continuous quality improvement (CQI) and health care delivery. Health care professional roles include physicians, nurses, diagnostics (laboratory) and radiology staff, hospital administrators, patient registration, pharmacists, triage staff, and so forth. Each role has its own contribution to ensuring the delivery of quality care.

In your opinion,

  • Discuss two of the roles listed above and their role in the delivery of quality care.
  • Identify two professional responsibilities of the chosen roles. Link them to the quality improvement process of improving patient wait times in the emergency room.
  • Include communication techniques this role would utilize to assist in improving patient wait times to the CQI team or staff.

HCA 375 Week 5 Final Exam(100 Questions and Answers)hca 375 week 5