HCA 340 Week 4 Quiz, Discussion Question 1 and 2 – Complete


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HCA 340 Week 4 Discussion, Human Resources Debbie’s Dilemma (Option 1)

HCA340 Week 4 Discussion, Human Resources- Debbie’s Dilemma (Option 2)

For this discussion, review the Debbie’s Dilemma case study and complete the interactive module in Section 12.4 of your course text. Then, thoroughly address Option 1, 2, or 3, which will be assigned by your Instructor at the beginning of Week Four. NOTE: All students must answer Option 4:

Option 1 – Use Herzberg’s two factor theory to explain Debbie’s level of motivation.

Option 2 – Use Adams’ equity theory to explain Debbie’s decision to look for work elsewhere.

Option 3 – Use Vroom’s expectancy theory to explain this situation.

If you were advising the three physicians in the organization, what would you tell them they should have done when confronted by the two LPNs? Defend your advice.

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