GEN 499 Week 5 Final Paper, Global Water Shortage



GEN 499 Week 5 Final Paper, Global Water Shortage

The global water shortage is a major disaster which is affecting many parts of the world including South Asia, South Africa, and the Middle East. Out of all the water in the world, approximately 3% is fresh water, but only 1% of that water is use-able and found in rivers, lakes, estuaries, etc. (Vidyasagar, D. 2007 pg 1). Water scarcity in these regions is impacting the entire world, and the severity of the problem is only worsening. Not only are governments not using water resources effectively, but water pollution, climate change, and the rising cost of water are all contributing factors in the ascending global water shortage.

In addition, there are many ethical concerns which are intensifying as the crisis worsens. The water shortage is leaving billions of individuals with no fresh water to be able to cook, clean, or drink. This is raising many health concerns primarily affecting women and children. Farmers and their crops are another group being … the global water shortage. Without water, farmers cannot properly hydrate their crops, therefore, leading to a lack of food…………Continued (09 Pages with References)gen 499 global water shortage

gen 499 global water shortage