GEN 499 Week 5 Final Paper, Gender Inequality


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GEN 499 Week 5 Final Paper, Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is a societal issue that exists in the world today, and have been existing for some time. Although it is not as bad as it once was, there is still remanence of gender inequality. According to Blau and Kahn (as cited in Leslie, et al, 2017), “research spanning economics, industrial relations, management, psychology, and sociology has converged on the conclusion that women earn lower pay and are less likely to be hired and promoted into high-level positions than men” (p. 1). No one deserves to be ….badly or undervalue because of their gender. Women are … be homemakers and not work. However, times have changed and women are choosing to work and some are even head of their household. Women are just as educated and hold many skill sets as men and it is time for gender inequality to end. …………..Continued (10 Pages with References)

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