FIN 534 Financial Research Report, Facebook and Alphabet


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FIN 534 Financial Research Report: Facebook and Alphabet (GOOG and GOOGL) have formed a powerhouse duopoly in one of the fastest growing industries: digital advertising. Facebook and its two billion users are the miracle grow for rapid revenue. And will increase thirty-three percent in 2018 (Divine, 2017). Facebook and the Google parent Alphabet were accountable for at least sixty-three percent of digital advertising in the United States.

Facebook exudes dominance in the industry,and the market is expected to earn well over ninety-three billion in 2018. People are not going to stop using the internet and marketing firms are not going to stop using ads online. Facebook-continues to evolve with the technological age by launching a video-dedicated tab called “Watch” and securing streaming rights to some large events. Facebook is putting the content to good use and offering original series and sports into their platform (Divine, 2018). Facebook will continue to neutralize threats as they did in the past, like Twitter. What Facebook cannot compete with, they will buy, like Instagram……….Continued (13 Pages with Reference)fin 534 financial research report