FIN 390 Discussion Question Week 1 to 7


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FIN 390 Discussion Question

FIN 390 Discussion Question Week 1, Fixed Income Securities

Identify at least three different kinds of fixed-income securities and the pros and cons of each from both the firm’s perspective as well as the potential investor’s perspective.

FIN 390 Discussion Question Week 2, What are Ratios and Why are They Important?

When we do financial statement analysis, why do we need to study ratios? Why can’t we just look at dollars of sales, dollars of debt, or dollars of profit?

FIN 390 Week 3 Discussion, What are Risk and Portfolio Diversification?

Explain the concept of diversification in order to reduce investment risk.

FIN 390 Week 4 Discussion, Bond Valuation and The Influence of Interest Rates on Bond Value

Give two fixed-income security features that would have different attractiveness to different kinds of investors (e.g., private individual versus institutional investor).

FIN 390 Week 5 Discussion, Duration and Active Versus Passive Portfolio Management

Explain the concept of bond duration.

FIN 390 Week 6 Discussion, Investors and The Investment Process

Pick one of the three major bond indexes, and do some Internet research to identify the performance of the index during the last 24 months and any possible explanations for that performance.

FIN 390 Week 7 Discussion, Investments Background and Issues

Describe the major steps in the construction of an investment portfoliofin 390 discussion question