ESL 223N Discussion Question with Answers Week 1 to 8


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ESL 223N Week 1 Discussion Question 1

Recently, Sheltered English Instruction, also known as Structured English Immersion (SEI), has replaced bilingual education in a few states. Arizona is one of those states. Looking at the SEI model and bilingual education model, compare and contrast these two methods, citing advantages and disadvantages of each. As a future educator, which model would you prefer to see implemented and why?

ESL 223N Week 1 Discussion Question 2

Two-way dual immersion programs are gaining popularity in many states.  As a future educator, what are your thoughts on this type of program for ELLs?  What information from the assigned readings and videos support your opinion?


Why is it important for teachers to discern the cultural differences among their students? How can a teacher learn more about the cultures of their students? How could this new information influence lesson planning and student learning?

ESL 223N Week 2 Discussion Question 2

Based on your educational experiences provide an example where the cultural needs of you or your peers were not addressed. How should it have been handled?


Review the information found in “Key Terms” on the “ESL Database.” Choose two terms from the database to paraphrase. How are these terms used in relation to English language learners or education in general?

ESL 223N Week 3 Discussion Question 2

Review the “Introduction to BICS/CALP” and “Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills and Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency” in this topic. Explain why the distinction between BICS and CALP is important. Which takes longer to develop?


Review the achievement mandates for ELLs in Arizona or in your state. In your opinion, are these mandates beneficial to ELLs? Explain.

ESL223N Week 4 Discussion Question 2

How can you meet the mandates of the Common Core Standards when teaching ELLs?


Effective teachers do more than just go through the motions of writing their lesson content and language objectives on the board. Getting the students involved in thinking about the objectives is important.  How would you get students involved in learning the lesson content and language objectives? List at least two ideas.

ESL223N Week 5 Discussion Question 2

The following three features or objectives are contained within the Component 2: Building Background video:

  1. Teaching concepts must be bridged to students’ backgrounds.  
  2. The teacher should create links between the students’ past learning and new learning in the classroom. 
  3. Students must learn new key vocabulary words for each lesson. 

How would you utilize each objective in teaching your content area? Provide one example for each objective.

ESL 223N Week 6 Discussion Question 1

Effective SIOP teachers provide scaffolding for their students to acquire academic success. Select a content subject and a topic you will teach to students who are English language learners.  List and describe the type of scaffolds that you must put in place for your students to achieve their content and language objectives.

ESL223N Week 6 Discussion Question 2

Select a content subject and a topic that you are teaching to English language learners.  List and describe three different grouping configurations that could be used for teaching and learning this new concept.  What would you expect the students to do in each of the three different group configurations?


How do state ELL proficiency tests, such as the AZELLA (AZ) or the WIDA (other states), guide data-informed decision making? How do these test results affect lesson planning?

ESL223N Week 7 Discussion Question 2

When assessing ELLs, teachers must use a variety of assessments in order to get the most accurate snapshot of academic and language progress. What are some ways teachers can assess students in the classroom to include all four domains of language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)?

ESL 223N Week 8 Discussion Question 1

With any type of new learning, students need practice and application of newly acquired skills to ensure mastery of content concepts.  Can you list and describe two hands-on activities and identify materials, including manipulatives, to enable students to forge connections between abstract concepts and concrete concepts in a less language-dependent way?

ESL223N Week 8 Discussion Question 2

How would you respond to a teacher who says: “Well, if I follow the SIOP Model and make sure my English learners are able to access content using these activities, techniques, and approaches, my on-level kids and native English speakers will be bored.”