ESE 603 Law and Ethics in Special Education Week 1 to 6 Entire


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ESE 603 Week 1 Discussion 1, Post Your Introduction

ESE603 Week 1 Discussion 2, Key Historical Events

ESE 603 Week 1 Assignment, Six Principles of IDEA

ESE603 Week 2 Assignment, Case Analysis: Board of Education of the Hendrick Hudson Central School District v. Rowley

ESE603 Week 2 Discussion, Free Appropriate Public Education

ESE_603 Week 3 Assignment, Case Analysis: Sacramento City School Board of Education v. Rachel H.

ESE_603 Week 3 Discussion, Is that Legal?

ESE603 Week 4 Assignment, When the IEP Team Meets

ESE603 Week 4 Discussion 1, Introducing…

ESE_603 Week 4 Discussion 2, The Details are in the Writing

ESE603 Week 5 Assignment, Procedural Safeguards

ESE603 Week 5 Discussion, Conflicting Views

ESE 603 Week 6 Final Paper, Landmark Case Law Review: Honig v. Doe

ESE603 Week 6 Discussion, Perceptions and Reactions

ESE603 Week 6 Discussion 2, The Influence of Personal Beliefs in Decision-Making and Judgment