ENG 358 Course Assignment Week 1 to 8


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ENG 358 Course Assignment

ENG 358 Week 1 Benchmark Assignment – Etymological Research Essay

ENG_358 Week 2 Assignment Race, Class, Gender, and Dialect

ENG358 Week 3 Assignment Collaborative Learning Community Data-Driven Research Paper Outline

ENG358 Week 4 Personal Essay on Literature

ENG_358 Week 5 Benchmark Assignment – Sentence Patterns and Verb Expansion

ENG _58 Week 6 Benchmark Assignment – Transforming and Expanding the Sentence, Nominal’s, Adverbials, and Adjectives

ENG358 Week 7 Benchmark Assignment – Sentence Modifiers and Coordinators, Words, and Word Classes

ENG358 Week 8 Benchmark Assignment Rhetoric, Rhetorical Grammar, and Punctuation

ENG_358 Week 8 Assignment Collaborative Learning Community: Data-Driven Research Paper

ENG 358 Course Assignment