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ECH 135 Week 1 Assignment Behavioral Theories and Research

Based on the assigned readings, create a matrix/chart with the following:

1.    Description of the behavioral theories and brain development theories;

2.    Relationship of theories to the NAEYC standards; and

3.    Implication of theories for early learning and best teaching practices.

ECH 135 Topic 2 Assignment Factors Influencing Development

Research at least eight journal articles related to the effects of poverty, culture, access, linguistics, or family on early development of cognition and behavior.

Create a PowerPoint presentation of 15-20 slides, not including title and reference slides, that summarizes your findings and addresses the ethics and implications for classroom practices and public policy.

ECH 135 Topic 3 Assignment Practicum Application No. 1

For this assignment, use your field experience hours. You will submit your Activity Log in Topic 7 along with your Benchmark Assignment.

Observe a K-3 classroom teacher. Hypothesize about the teacher’s construct for discipline/management procedures using at least one of the theories presented in the assigned readings.

Write 750-1,000-words on your hypothesis and defend your hypothesis with specific examples from the classroom and corresponding concepts from the theory or theories, including reinforcers and consequences used.

ECH 135 Topic 4 Assignment Guidance Approach Teaching Practice

From the textbook reading, choose one of teaching practices that defines the guidance approach and sets the foundation for encouraging classrooms discussed. Make a list of teacher behaviors that are needed to implement this practice.

Create a concept map to record the behaviors you identified and the observations you made of your two mentor teachers. Label the concept with the guidance teaching practice you have selected. Include the teacher behaviors you identified. Leave space for the observations conducted as part of the Practicum and Application No. 2 assignment.

ECH 135 Topic 4 Assignment Practicum Application No. 2

For this assignment, use your field experience hours.

Observe/interview a Birth-Pre-K classroom teacher using the guidance approach teaching practice you selected. Watch and listen for evidence of behaviors associated with the guidance approach teaching practice you selected. Add the evidence to the concept map you will create as part of the Guidance Approach Teaching Practice assignment.

Write a 500-750-word explanation about the following:

1.    Correlation between the success of the teacher’s classroom management practices and the guidance approach teaching practice you selected.

2.    Evidence you gathered related to the teaching behaviors. Reflect on specific examples.

3.    Relationship between the guidance approach teaching practice you selected and NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct – Section I.

ECH 135 Topic 5 Assignment Classroom Management Tools

Part One: Expectation and Consequences Posters

Create two posters that can be displayed in Birth to Age 5/Pre-K and K to Age 8/Grade 3 classrooms. The posters should outline your classroom guidelines for behavior expectations, reinforcers, and consequences.

Be creative and reflect the developmental level of each age group on the respective poster.

Part Two: Schedules

Design a schedule for both Birth to Age 5/Pre-K and K to Age 8/Grade 3 that includes a set of routines that are developmentally appropriate for each age group and that reflect a typical day (Birth to Age 5/Pre-K) or week (K to Age 8/Grade 3) in a classroom setting. Include family volunteers.

Each poster and schedule are to demonstrate best practices for developing a healthy, supportive environment for learning that embraces the diversity of your students, addresses challenging behaviors/special needs, and includes families as partners.

ECH 135 Topic 6 Assignment Teacher Website Search