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ECE 101 Week 1 Discussion 1, The History of Early Childhood Education in America

Choose at least two events from the timeline that you feel have had the greatest impact on early childhood education: the Kindergarten Movement, Founding of the National Association for the Education of Young (NAEYC), Sputnik, and so forth.

  • Briefly summarize each event in your own words.
  • Explain how you think each event will impact your work in early childhood education.
  • Support your summary and explanation with a reference to the textbook. Include this reference in your post.

ECE101 Week 1 Journal, Current Issues and Trends (Child Obesity)

ECE101 Week 1 Journal, Current Issues and Trends (Food Choices)

As an early childhood educator, it is important to stay up-to-date with current and emerging issues in the field. It is also important to be well-informed as you shape your viewpoints on these issues. For this journal, choose one of the following early childhood education issues:

  • Technology and young children
  • Obesity
  • Poverty
  • Cultural diversity
  • Universal Pre-K Initiative
  • Common Core State Standards Initiative

ECE 101 Week 1 Post Your Introduction