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CSIS 212 Final Exam with Answers

  1. Which statement below could be used to simulate the outputs of tossing a quarter to get heads or tails? Suppose random Numbers is a Secure Random object. (CSIS 212 final exam)
  2. Overloaded methods always have the same _________.
  3. The identifiers in an enumeration ________.
  4. Declaring main as static allows the JVM to invoke main ________.
  5. All the flexible should be declared as fields only if ________.
  6. The java.text package contains classes for manipulating all of the following items except ________.
  7. Which set of statements totals the items in each row of two-dimensional array items, and displays each row’s total?
  8. Which of the following statements is false?
  9. A programmer must do the following before using an array:
  10. How many Book objects are created by the following statement?
  11. In Java, multidimensional arrays ________.
  12. What do the following statements do?
  13. A constructor cannot:
  14. Constructors:
  15. Which syntax imports all static members of class Math?
  16. Using public set methods helps provide data integrity if:
  17. Instance variables declared final do not or cannot:
  18. When no access modifier is specified for a method or variable, the method or variable:
  19. Overriding a method differs from overloading a method because:
  20. The statement is true when a superclass has protected instance variables?
  21. In the following statements is false?
  22. To avoid duplicating code, use ________, rather than ________.
  23. Using the protected keyword also gives a member:
  24. Which of the following is not a superclass/subclass relationship?
  25. Which of the following keywords allows a subclass to access a superclass method even. When the subclass has overridden the superclass method?
  26. The default implementation of method clone of Object performs a ________.
  27. Consider the classes below, declared in the same file. Which of the statements below is false?
  28. Private fields of a superclass can be accessed in a subclass
  29. Superclass methods with this level of access cannot be called from subclasses.
  30. When a subclass constructor calls its superclass constructor, what happens. If the superclass’s constructor does not assign a value to an instance variable?
  31. Every class in Java, except ________, extends an existing class.
  32. Which of the following is the superclass constructor call syntax?
  33. The default equals implementation of class Object determines:
  34. Which of the following statements is false?
  35.  What is the process of determining the correct method to call?
  36. Which of the following statements is false?
  37. Which of the following is not possible?
  38. Every object in Java knows its own class and can access this information through method.
  39. Which keyword is used to specify it. A class will define the methods of an interface?
  40. Which of the following statements is false?
  41. Non-abstract classes are called ________.
  42. Which statement best describes the relationship between superclass and subclass types?
  43. Polymorphism enables you to:
  44. Which of the following is false?
  45. Which of the following statements is false?
  46. It is a UML convention to denote the name of an abstract class in ________.
  47. Class1 (method1 returns an int and takes no arguments)?

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