CSIS 110 Midterm Exam (100 out of 100 points)


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CSIS 110 Midterm Exam

  1. The __________ of a disk is the time for the beginning of the desired sector to rotate under the read/write
  2. Some companies now send users a temporary code or password to a trusted device after they have logged in with a valid username and password through a process known as __________.
  3. A(n) __________ is an algorithmic operation that carries out a single numeric computation and stores the
  4. A program written in assembly language is called the __________ program.
  5. If a computer has a maximum of 2 N memory cells, then each address field in a machine language instruction must be __________ bits wide to enable us to address every cell.
  6. A __________ is the repetition of a block of
  7. The __________ are the devices that allow a computer system to communicate and interact with the outside world as well as store information.
  8. Using the leftmost bit of a number to represent the sign, with 0 meaning positive and 1 meaning negative is termed __________ notation.
  9. In __________ computer science, researchers study the logical and mathematical properties of problems and their solutions.
  10. In the commercial and office environment, the most widely used broadband technology is __________ .
  11. A __________ uses the same wires that carry regular telephone signals into your
  12. The __________ operation complements the value of a Boolean
  13. The acronym __________ is frequently used to refer to the memory unit of a
  14. In 1614, John Napier invented __________ as a way to simplify difficult mathematical
  15. __________ are systems that create communities of users who share common interests and activities and which provide multiple methods of online interaction.
  16. The __________ is the number of bits used to encode each
  17. An algorithm is a __________ collection of unambiguous and effectively computable operations that, when executed, produces a result and halts in a finite amount of
  18. A __________ is an integer greater than 1 that can only be written as the product of itself and
  19. Translators for __________ are called
  20. __________ is a general term applied to any use of computers and networking to support the paperless exchange of goods, information, and services in the commercial
  21. The conversion of symbolic op codes such as LOAD, ADD, and SUBTRACT to binary makes use of a structure called the __________.
  22. A __________ cipher, also called a shift cipher, involves shifting each character in the message to another character some fixed distance farther along in the
  23. During the __________ generation of computing, the desktop machine shrunk to the size of a
  24. A(n) __________ is a set of independent computer systems connected by telecommunication links for the purpose of sharing information and resources.
  25. Integrated circuits, built on silicon chips, were introduced during the __________ generation of computing.
  26. The voice-oriented dial-up telephone network was originally a(n) __________ medium.
  27. The __________ revolution enabled us to implement algorithms that automated the drudgery of repetitive mental tasks.
  28. The __________ of a disk is the time needed to position the read/write head over the correct track.
  29. __________ verifies who has the right to gain access to the computer, whether it is your local machine or the web
  30. A machine language program is called the __________ program.
  31. A __________ connects hardware devices such as computers, printers, and storage devices that are all in close
  32. To solve the problem of two users having the same password, some operating systems keep a third entry for each user in the password file, namely, __________ at which the user created the
  33. A __________ contains massive amounts of information that can be electronically searched for specific facts or documents.
  34. Icons displayed on the screen are selected with a mouse and a button using a technique called __________.
  35. __________ is the term for the separation of a service from the entity (or entities) providing that
  36. To try all possible passwords of length k or less would require __________ attempts.
  37. __________ is a collection of documents interconnected by
  38. Examples of control operations would be __________ and __________.
  39. C++ and Java are examples of __________ languages.
  40. The total number of __________ per second is called
  41. A(n) __________ operation involves the comparison of values and the subsequent use of the outcome to decide what to do
  42. Cluster computing is an example of __________ parallel
  43. There are 2 30 bytes in a __________.
  44. The __________ hides from the user the messy details of the underlying
  45. One of the most widely used standards for wireless local access is called __________.
  46. The __________ takes the password the user originally chooses, chops it up, and stirs it around according to a given
  47. The __________ holds the address of the next instruction to be
  48. The first line of defense against illicit use of, or threats to, computer resources and sensitive information is a strong authentication and __________ process.
  49. It is the task of the __________ to fetch and execute
  50. A(n) __________ handles the details of input/output and compensates for any speed differences between I/O devices and other parts of the computer.