CSIS 100 Final Exam – Question and Answers


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CSIS 100 Final Exam with Answers

  1. Even if unit testing is successful, developers cannot assume they can combine individual components into a working system without any problems.
  2. A _____ is a description of the logical and physical structure of data and the relationships among the data for each user.
  3. Joint application development (JAD) sessions with a cross section of users and stakeholders in a project are an effective way to define system requirements.
  4. Agile is better suited for developing larger information systems than smaller ones.
  5. All members of a system investigation team must be co-located to ensure a successful start to a project.
  6. _____ determines whether the expected benefits associated with a project outweigh the expected costs sufficiently to make the project financially attractive.
  7. Once new software has been selected, implementation will include all of these tasks EXCEPT _________.
  8. User acceptance testing (UAT) is a critical activity that must be completed successfully before newly developed software can be rolled out to the market.
  9. Someone who violates computer or Internet security maliciously or for illegal personal gain is known as a(n) _______.
  10. Which of the following is NOT a popular vendor of firewall software?
  11. The second phase of an Advanced Persistent Threat attack is _____.
  12. There are bots that can sign up for thousands of email accounts.
  13. Any Internet traffic that is not explicitly permitted into the internal network is denied entry through a firewall.
  14. Which of the following security incidents is least costly to fix?
  15. The  US-CERT incident reporting system is used to ____.
  16. Which of the following laws covers false claims regarding unauthorized use of credit cards?
  17. This harmful malware is triggered by a specific event, such as Friday the 13th.
  18. An employee who is marked for a lay-off sent threatening emails to his boss, stating that he is going to delete sensitive data. This employee can be charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.
  19. Macro viruses are called so because they are written using a macro language.
  20. Your business has a web server that has suddenly become unresponsive. When you study the server’s logs there are a huge number of requests from what appear to be legitimate computers. The problem is likely because of _____.
  21. Transmitting a program, code, or command that causes harm to a computer is a crime.
  22. A hacktivist is someone who _______.
  23. The computer is running, but not responding to your keyboard inputs. You find that the network activities are running very slowly. You have probably been hit by a rootkit.
  24. You work for a company that is growing. Originally, all the users in all departments had access to all the data in the database. It is considered a security risk. What is an appropriate action to reduce the risk?
  25. Those convicted of cyberterrorism are subject to a prison term of 6 months to 1 year.?
  26. The purpose of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) usually is to ____.
  27. Which of the following is a vendor of popular anti-virus software?
  28. The _____ requires all financial institutions to protect and secure customers’ nonpublic data from unauthorized access or use.
  29. Federal law permits employers to monitor their employees’ use of company-owned computer equipment, specifically _______.
  30. A recent study conducted by the University of Nevada revealed that cyberloafing (wasting time online) costs U.S. businesses more than _____ annually.
  31. Graydon noticed Jack, his friend and classmate, cheating on a physics exam and now he is trying to decide what to do about it. He knows he could keep quiet about it, but that would violate his moral values, plus the school’s code of ethics requires students to report incidents of cheating. On the other hand, if he reports the incident, both his friend? and probably all of their other friends will be mad at him. In which phase of the ethical decision-making process is Graydon? 
  32. The use of e-mail among public officials might violate “open meeting” laws.
  33. Deepak’s team is in charge of conducting a review of their company’s waste/mistake prevention policies and procedures.  Part of this review should also evaluate how upcoming changes in information systems will affect business activities. 
  34. Which of the following statements is true of the E-Government Act of 2002?
  35. Posting information to the Internet using anonymous email accounts or screen names makes it impossible to identify a libeler.
  36. Which of the following types of processing is essential for businesses that require access to current data such as airlines, ticket agencies, and stock investment firms?
  37. As an organization’s purchasing systems generate purchase orders and the items ordered are received, information is sent to the _____ system to manage the amounts owed by the organization.  
  38. A customer relationship management (CRM) system helps a company in managing ______.
  39. _____ is the use of software to assist in the creation, analysis, and modification of the design of a component or product.
  40. In a manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, demand management _______.
  41. _____ involves reentering data that was not typed or scanned correctly.
  42. The main difference between batch processing and online transaction processing is in the timely update of data.
  43. In batch processing systems, data processing is done _______ data capture. 
  44. _____ has the potential to superimpose digital data over real photos so that GPS maps can be combined with real pictures of stores and streets to help people locate their position.
  45. A genetic algorithm is an approach to solving problems based on the _____.
  46. A group of people with common interests who come together to create, store, and share knowledge of a specific topic is known as a community of practice.
  47. Expert systems, robotics, vision systems, natural language processing, learning systems, and neural networks are all part of the broad field of artificial intelligence.
  48. Although computers excel at numerical calculations, they are not as good at dealing with symbols and three-dimensional objects.
  49. _____ is a wide range of adaptive and rehabilitative devices to help people with disabilities perform tasks that they were formerly unable to accomplish or had great difficulty accomplishing.
  50. Vision systems include hardware and software that permit computers to capture, store, and process visual images.
  51. An expert system’s knowledge acquisition facility serves as an interface between _____.
  52. If you wish to have a visual depiction of relative frequencies of words in a document, a word cloud would be an appropriate option?.
  53. Online analytical processing is another name for enterprise application.
  54. _____ is used to explore large amounts of data for hidden patterns to predict future trends.
  55. Which of the following is NOT considered business intelligence practice??
  56. You are to advise XYZ so that their BI efforts are fruitful. Which among the following is the most crucial advice of all?
  57. Data governance involves identifying people who are responsible for fixing and preventing issues with data.
  58. Which of the following is NOT true about linear regression?
  59. From which vendor is the BI product Business Objects available?
  60. Implicit personalization techniques capture user-provided information, such as information from warranties, surveys, user registrations, and contest-entry forms completed online.
  61. A reason for the growth in business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce is that online B2C shoppers have the ability to design a _____ product.
  62. If you shop on Amazon.com?, _____.
  63. _____ divides the pool of potential customers into subgroups usually defined in terms of demographic characteristics.
  64. Authentication technologies are used by many organizations to _____.
  65. In Kenya and Tanzania, it is not uncommon for citizens to carry out common financial transactions using mobile phones.
  66. It is safe to assume that personal information will be secure with businesses, because security breaches of information systems are not common.?
  67. A business-to-business (B2B) market is considerably larger than a business-to-consumer (B2C) market.
  68. Which type of IS project has the highest risk of failure?
  69. Organic strategic planning  defines the organization’s vision and values and then identifies projects and initiatives that will achieve the vision while adhering to the values.
  70. An increase in customer satisfaction is considered a tangible benefit.
  71. Which of the following is considered an “expense” among typical IS project-related costs?
  72. In some organizations, strategic planning is focused inward only.
  73. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to project activities so that the allotted budget can be spent.
  74. A senior manager from the business unit most affected by a project and who ensures the project will indeed meet the needs of his or her organization is known as the project sponsor.
  75. The degree of rivalry between competitors is low in industries with many equally sized competitors or little differentiation between products.