COUN 6626 Week 2 Quiz (60 out of 60 points)


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COUN 6626 Week 2 Quiz

  1. The average age of the participants in this study was:
  2. The assessment data was initially analyzed by computing mean What does this mean?
  3. In order to determine how many participants would be needed for this study, the researchers conducted which test?
  4. Which section of the Heath et (2017) scholarly article details the data that was collected and what tables, graphs, and images are frequently used to convey what was found?
  5. Heath, Brenner, Vogel, Lannin, and Strass (2017) used the following participants in their research:
  6. The researchers sought to extend existing research through the
  7. A power analysis of .70 revealed the need for a sample of at least 190
  8. Which section of a research article identifies the participants and data that is collected for the study?
  9. Researchers suggest future research is needed to specifically investigate:
  10. This research is current and was published in the last 10
  11. The researchers displayed ethical consideration by:
  12. The researchers collected data from assessment instruments including the CMNI-46 and the Self Compassion
  13. The section where researchers reflect on the meaning of their results is the:
  14. Peer review is a means of quality control in
  15. The researchers collected all the data
  16. Based on information contained in the abstract, self-compassion had no relationship with help-seeking behavior or
  17. The sentence below represents which of the following?
  18. Securing informed consent from research participants is an ethical responsibility for every researcher. In the Heath et al. (2017) article, the informed consent procedures were covered in which section?
  19. Journal articles provide current information on a research topic and are a way to inform the professional community about the findings of completed research
  20. One limitation of this design is:
  21. Structural equation modeling was conducted using which of the following?
  22. The results indicate that self-compassion might help mitigate men’s help-seeking barriers and may be a potential intervention point to help increase men’s help- seeking rates for psychological
  23. In what section does the author lay out their reason for conducting the research?
  24. One purpose of the Heath et (2017) study was to examine how self-compassion might buffer the relationship between masculine norm adherence and help-seeking barriers.
  25. With regard to evidence-based practice, based on the results of this particular study, the researchers suggest testing which of the following as a low-threat activity to potentially increase self-compassion: