COUN-6322S Week 8 Quiz with Answers (Spring 2022)




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Quiz – Week 8

  1. Boys who are abused by older women may experience the following challenges following their abuse EXCEPT:
  2. An internal message that children might develop in a family that contains incestuous activities might include:
  3. The sexual interaction phase of child abuse can include all the following actions EXCEPT:
  4. Play therapy is an option that counselors can use to support survivors of child sexual abuse.
  5. Many children respond to sexual abuse with ; therefore, counselors should reassure them that the adult, and not the child is to blame.
  6. Integrating an ecosystemic method that incorporates community resources and agencies, along with parents and children, to help regulate emotional and behavioral trauma is known as:
  7. Kate is an 11th-grader who has been sent to your office to discuss academic and behavioral concerns. Kate, once a straight-A student, has begun to fail all her courses, has been suspended twice for fighting, and quit all the sports teams in which she was active and successful over the past 6 months. The school counselor has known Kate for 3 years and has established a positive relationship with her. When probed about what may have happened to cause this change in Kate’s life, she shares that she’d been talking to a boy from another state online whom she decided to meet at a local hotel. When she got there, the boy was an older woman who convinced her to have sex with her even though she did not want to do so. The profile has been deleted from social media, and she hasn’t heard from the woman anymore. Kate has been a victim of:
  8. School counselors are discouraged from partnering with organizations such as churches and community centers that utilize puppetry arts to teach social and survival lessons about sexual abuse to children.
  9. In the United States and throughout the world, political, social, and cultural considerations have kept child sexual abuse hidden.
  10. Incestuous mothers may display which types of behaviors to control the actions of their sons?
  11. What type of procedure might be useful for measuring a child’s level of functioning when mental abuse is suspected in children?
  12. can be extremely important for counselors to use with survivors of child sexual abuse involving what will happen, what is happening, and what has happened to the client/student.
  13. The following techniques can be utilized with children by school counselors to help survivors of sexual abuse EXCEPT:
  14. A cognitive behavioral therapy technique utilized by clinical mental health counselors that can also be used by school counselors can include:
  15. The following concepts are societal myths about rape EXCEPT:
  16. The concepts of rape include relationships of between men and women.
  17. Child sexual abuse suppression can be motivated by all the following factors EXCEPT:
  18. During play therapy techniques with survivors of child sexual abuse, counselors may target the presence of:
  19. In order to avoid detection by others, abusers may create rules or games that might incriminate the child if someone finds out about sexual abuse. This concept takes place in the:
  20. Due to large numbers incidents of underreported sexual abuse in boys, it is important for counselors to:
  21. Mr. Wang has just enrolled his nephew, Austin, into the 10th grade, and has asked to meet with the school counselor for counseling information. Mr. Wang was recently awarded custody of Austin when the courts learned that Austin was sexually abused by his mother, who was also being physically abused by Austin’s father. As you listen to Mr. Wang’s concerns, he asks about appropriate types of interventions for survivors of child sexual abuse. The best course of action for a school counselor might be:
  22. One technique that can be used to prevent acquaintance, date, or other forms of rape includes:
  23. When using an ecosystemic approach, accountability is only the responsibility of the crisis and trauma mental health worker.
  24. Puppetry arts is one means of play therapy that counselors may use to educate children about sexual abuse. In order to create a professionally developed program, which of the following should be present?
  25. Mr. India has stormed into the school counseling office, escorted by the secretary, in a panic and demands to see his son, Jeremy, a fourth-grader. As the school counselor attempts to calm him down to assess the situation, Mr. India shares that he has just learned from his younger daughter that his boyfriend of 3 years has been raping his son for months. He shares that he was a rape victim and can’t understand how he let this happen to his son. Mr. India would like to talk to his son immediately to make sure that the information is true before he attacks his boyfriend. The best course of action for a school counselor might be: