COM 340 Week 3 Assignment, Effective Use of an Online Library


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COM 340 Week 3 Assignment, A Guide to Feeding Infants

This guide is created to give an idea of what to expect and general guidelines when feeding infants through the first year of their life. The definition of feeding a baby is much more than the act of supplying food ad nourishment. It is the act of taking care of your new child and providing them the optimum care, nutrition, and environment so they can thrive during the first year of their life. This guide answers some of the common questions on nutrition, introducing new foods, and special concerns during infant feeding.  A healthy attitude from you the parent, will help develop a healthy baby……..

Assignment, Instruction Effective Use of an Online Library Database

Ashford University Proposal: Registration Process and Website Usability

Discussion 1, Defining Terms

Explain the importance and purpose of technical definitions. Select a term you know the meaning of but others may not. Using the guidelines presented in Chapter 18 of the text, create a sentence definition and then expand the definition using one or more of the expansion techniques presented in the chapter. Post the term, the sentence definition, and the expanded definition.

Discussion 2, Proposals

What is the primary purpose of a proposal and why must a proposal be persuasive? Provide an example of a written (or oral) proposal you have made. If it was successful, discuss what elements discussed in our text you used to make it successful. If it was unsuccessful and did not achieve its purpose, discuss what you could have done differently to make it successful.