COM 340 Week 1 Assignment, Evaluation of Health-Related Website


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COM 340 Week 1 Assignment, Evaluation of a Health-Related Website (Insurance Company)

Each website has the information that is important to the user’s needs. It is strongly recommended to be critical in looking for medical advice and information for instance, look at reputable websites and credible sources.  These sources should be recognized by American Medical Association and clearly provides accurate and reliable information. However, it is important not to engage in do-it-yourself medication and such websites is not a replacement for personally seeing a doctor……….. 

COM 340 Week 1 Assignment, Evaluation of a Website (Cancer Survivors Network)

Discussion 1, What Is Technical Communication

What is the difference between technical communication and technical writing? After completing your reading assignments for this week, how would you define each of these terms? Create your own definition for technical communication and a separate definition for technical writing and post them in this discussion forum.

Discussion 2, The Value of Technical Communication

Why do we need technical communication? What purpose does it serve? Identify at least five types of documents or other written materials that could be considered technical writing that you engage in or see in your home and/or workplace.