COM 340 Technical Writing Week 1 to 5


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COM 340 Technical Writing Assignment, Discussion Question, Final Paper

COM 340 Week 1

Assignment, Evaluation of a Health-Related Website (Cancer Survivors Network)

Assignment, Evaluating of a Health Related Website (Insurance Company)

Discussion 1, What Is Technical Communication

Discussion 2, The Value of Technical Communication

COM 340 Week 2

Assignment, Organizational Strategies (Shopping for a Laptop Computer)

Discussion 1, Expert Opinion and Critical Thinking in Research

Discussion 2, Research Assignments

COM 340 Week 3

Assignment, A Guide to Feeding Infants

Assignment, Instruction Effective Use of an Online Library Database

Discussion 1, Defining Terms

Discussion 2, Proposals

COM 340 Week 4

Assignment, Process Mechanism Description  (Morning Shot of Coffee)

Assignment, Process Mechanism Description ( How to Comb your Long Hair)

Discussion 1, Using Visual Images

Discussion 2, Effective Page Design

COM 340 Week 5

Final Paper, Planning Proposal Outline (Graduation Review Process)

Discussion 1, Course Summary