COM 200 Week 2 Assignment, Short Answers


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COM 200 Week 2 Assignment: Describe one of the following functions of language from Bevan and Sole (2014, Section 4.1):

  • Serve as an abstraction of reality
  • Sustain and transmit culture
  • Express imagination and creativity
  • Express confirming and dis-confirming message

Describe one of the following functions of nonverbal communication from Bevan and Sole (Section 4.2).

  • Managing your impressions and identities
  • Managing and interpreting your relationships
  • Regulating the flow of interactions
  • Engaging in and detecting messages of emotion, influence, and deception

Using Bevan and Sole (Section 4.1), explain how biased language impacts attitudes, behaviors, and perception. Be sure to spend some time on each element and explain the significance of biased language overall. (Remember, this should be no more than 250 words)

Watch at least the first 10 minutes of the following video titled Digital Communication Skills: Dos and Don’ts. Based on this and Bevan and Sole (Section 4.4), what are two key points we need to be aware of in relation to computer mediated communication. How can we use this information to become better communicators?com 200 week 2 assignment