CIS 524 Week 4 Case Study 2, Design Process


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CIS 524 Week 4 Case Study 2, Design Process

The local Department of Motor Vehicle wants a system built that will allow receptionists to check customers in quickly as well as allow customers to perform self-check-in. A new software development company has won the bid to complete the project. Therefore, a prototype will be …..in order to allow customers to self-check-in during busy times. But still have receptionists check customers in during non-busy times. This paper will propose prototyping techniques used by the DMV. It will demonstrate creating a management plan containing eight to ten stages for designing this system. Each stage of the management plan will be explained and the time will be estimated for how long the project will take……………………Continued (10 Pages with References)


cis 524 week 4cis 524 week 4 case study 2

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