CARD 405 Week 8 Assignment, Self Assessment


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CARD 405 Week 8 Assignment, Self Assessment

Part 1: Explore

  1. Assess how your self-assessment and job searching abilities link with your 1-, 2-, and 5-year professional goals.
  2. Is there anything you would change about these goals now that you fully comprehend the job search process?

Part 2: Develop 1

  1. In reviewing your elevator speech, what could be different to link it more directly to your brand?
  2. How can your LinkedIn page be fully utilized to market your projected image?

Part 3: Develop Part 2

  1. How does a targeted approach to the development of your résumé and cover and thank you letters pay off in the job search process?
  2. What professional items do you still need to develop to fully balance your brand?

Part 3: Launch

Considering your recorded interview, please rate yourself based on the following categories.

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