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BUSI 561 Quiz 1 with Answers Liberty

  1. Law is rules of conduct in many organized societies that are enforced by the governing authority of the community.
  2. Which of the following prepares Restatements?
  3. To be binding, a treaty must be approved by:
  4. Laws comparing and studying the laws in different countries is known as comparative law.
  5. The idea that we should interact with other people in a manner consistent with the manner in which we would like for them to interact with us is called ______.
  6. The expectations that a community places on the actions of a business are referred to as:
  7. The universalization test provides that people should interact with others the way they would like to be treated.
  8. Employees as well as management are stakeholders of a business.
  9. On average, the U.S. Supreme Court hears 300 cases a year.
  10. Revenge. Jane, a first year law student, while walking to school in inclement weather, accidentally slipped on ice knocking down Greg. Another first year law student, breaking his glasses. He was very angry with Jane and let the air out of one of her car tires. Greg also decided to sue Jane for negligence, claiming as damages $300 for his broken glasses.
  11. He decided that he already knew all about the law and did not need a lawyer. Greg sued Jane in state court. So, Jane In the same lawsuit, brought an action against Greg for letting the air out of her tire.
  12. At trial in state court, Jane told the judge that a friend. Susie, told her that she saw Greg let the air out of Jane’s tire.
  13. The judge disallowed Jane’s testimony on that issue. Susie, however, who was in the courtroom also came and testified to that effect.
  14. The state court judge ruled in favor of Susie.
  15. Greg said that he was not giving up and that he would seek double damages on appeal in federal court. Jane and Greg live in different states when not attending school.
  16. After trial, Jane reported Greg’s actions in letting the air out of her tire to the police who said that they would proceed with a criminal action against Greg.
  17. Greg goes to see Alex, a recent graduate who had just passed the bar, and asked Alex to represent him in a federal court appeal. What advice should Alex give to Greg regarding an appeal filed in federal court?
  18. Attorney Candy represents plaintiff Ann who is suing her neighbor for nuisance claiming that the neighbor plays music too late at night. Candy puts Ann on the stand and asks her questions. Candy is involved in which of the following?
  19. What is a summary jury trial?
  20. What is the primary source of authority for the federal regulation of businesses in the United States?
  21. Congress has the power to enact legislation, but the president can veto a law that Congress passes.
  22. The constitution of Belarus requires everyone to protect the environment.
  23. The U.S. Constitution establishes how many branches of government?
  24. Liability without fault is also known as which of the following? (BUSI 561 Quiz 1)
  25. A violation of a building code is an example of which of the following offenses?
  26. So, which of the following was created specifically to combat white-collar crime?
  27. As a result Approximately how many bankruptcy claims were filed in 2014?

BUSI 561 Quiz 1