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BUSI 520 Quiz 2 with Answers

  1. When purchasing disposable surgical gowns. Mercy Hospital’s vice president of purchasing analyzes whether the hospital should buy disposable gowns or reusable gowns. If the findings favor disposable gowns, then the operating-room administrator compares various competitors’ products. The prices and makes a choice. Surgeons influence the decision retroactively by reporting their satisfaction with the particular brand. In this situation, the surgeons perform the role of the ________.
  2. The connection between a company and its office supplies vendor. Where competition rather than cooperation is the dominant form of governance is probably best described as ________.
  3. According to research studies, the closest relationships between customers and suppliers arise when ________.
  4. If you performed the role of the ________ in a buying center. You would be the person that has the power to prevent sellers or information from reaching other members of the buying center.
  5. Which of the following is true about buying centers?
  6. Which of the following is true about branding efforts at Net App?
  7. If you were an upper-level marketing executive of a large seller of trucks. Which of the following strategies would be most appropriate in reaching buying center targets?
  8. ________ refers to the decision-making process by which formal organizations establish. The need for purchased products and services and identify, evaluate, and choose among alternative brands and suppliers.
  9. In the purchasing decision process, the ________ are those who have the power to prevent sellers. The information from reaching members of the buying center.
  10. A Gucci bag sells for $120 in Italy and $240 in the United States due to the differences in the costs of distributing. The product in the two countries. This phenomenon is called a(n) ________ problem.
  11. In an attempt to tailor its products to suit the requirements of consumers in India, LG introduced the aero-comfort system. This not only increases convenience, but also cuts down electricity charges. LG’s aero-comfort system is an example of which of the following?
  12. Dumping occurs when a company ________.
  13. Zodiac Inc. is one of the leading producers of designer bags in its country. The company is considering shifting some of its production to India. Which of the following could have prompted this move?
  14. Which of the following modes of entry into a foreign market involves the maximum commitment and risk?
  15. A risk averse attitude is associated with high ________.
  16. Which of the following is NOT true about Tata Nano?
  17. Which of the following is NOT a challenge associated with international marketing?
  18. A ________ offering consists of two parts: a naked solution and discretionary options.
  19. Regardless of the type of segmentation scheme used, the key is adjusting the marketing program to recognize ________.
  20. Pampers divides its market demographically on the basis of ________ into prenatal, new baby, baby, toddler, and preschooler.
  21. The fact that Honda described its boxy Element as a “dorm room on wheels. But then attracted so many baby boomers that the average age of the Element turned out to be 42 is an illustration of the fact that baby boomers may be ________.
  22. Urgency, specific application, and size of order are examples of ________ segmentation variables for business markets.
  23. A company can learn a great deal by analyzing the degrees of brand loyalty. For example, ________ can show the firm which brands are most competitive with its own.
  24.  A business market based on urgency of delivery and the size of the order. Which of the following major segmentation variables would the marketer most likely use to assist with the task?
  25. Which of the following statements about Gen Yers is true?
  26. American Express’ “World-Class Service, Personal Recognition,” Mary Kay’s “Enriching women’s lives,” Hallmark’s “Caring Shared,” and Starbucks. Rewarding Everyday Moments” are examples of brand ________.
  27. ________ are defined as companies that satisfy the same customer need.
  28. Brand mantras typically are designed to capture the brand’s points-of-________, that is, what is unique about the brand.
  29. If Starbucks considers quick-serve restaurants and convenience shops in its competitive frame of reference, then intended ________ might be quality, image, experience and variety, while intended ________ might be convenience and value.
  30. When Coca-Cola focused on developing its soft drink business. But missed seeing the market for coffee bars and fresh-fruit-juice bars that eventually impinged on its soft-drink business. It was suffering from ________ because it defined competition in traditional category and industry terms.
  31. ________ are visual representations of consumer perceptions and preferences.
  32. The goal of positioning is to ________.
  33. ________ refers to the products or sets of products with which a brand competes and which function as close substitutes.
  34. Adam wants to buy a washing machine and is looking for something that is not too expensive. When he goes to make the purchase. He finds there are two options that meet his requirements. Adam is not very familiar with the latter and does not hesitate in choosing Maytag. This example implies that ________.
  35. High levels of brand ________, or the extent to which consumers feel they are “in sync” with the Fox News brand and engagement in Fox News programs. So often leads to greater recall of the ads Fox News runs.
  36. Which of the following is NOT a weakness of a customer equity perspective (relative to a brand equity perspective)?
  37. So, According to Ries and Trout, Cadbury suffered from ________ when the company allowed its brand to become diluted by putting their name on such variants as mashed potatoes. Powdered milk, and soups, apart from chocolates and candies.
  38. Christian Louboutin is a footwear designer who launched his line of high-end women’s shoes in France in 1991. Since 1992, his designs have incorporated the shiny, red-lacquered soles that have become his signature. These red-lacquered soles and high stilettos of Louboutin distinguish him from other designer shoe brands. In accordance with the BrandAsset® Valuator model. Which of the following components of brand equity has Louboutin fulfilled in this scenario? (busi 520 quiz 2)
  39. Two advantages of ________ are that they can facilitate new-product acceptance and provide positive feedback to the parent brand and company.
  40. The ________ determines the marketing program’s ability to affect the customer mindset and is a function of the quality of the program investment.
  41. With respect to the brand building pyramid, at which of the following “building block levels” would we expect the consumer to develop positive and accessible reactions?
  42. If Microsoft announces plans for a new-product development, smaller firms may choose to concentrate their development efforts in other directions to avoid head-to-head competition. In this example, Microsoft is employing a ________ defense strategy. (busi 520 quiz 2)
  43. A firm that is willing to maintain its market share, and not attack the leader. Other competitors in an aggressive bid for further market share, is known as a market ________.
  44. Redo is a market follower in the wristwatch industry. After noticing a shortfall in the market leader’s product. Redo improves its product to suit consumer needs and becomes a challenger for the market leader. This is an example of a(n) ________.
  45. The market ________ has the largest market share and usually shows the way to other firms in price changes. New-product introductions, distribution coverage, and promotional intensity.
  46. Which of the following is true about proactive marketing?
  47. Tasteeos, Fruit Rings, and Corn Flakes sell for nearly $1 a box less than leading cereal brands. (busi 520 quiz 2)
  48. In his article, “Innovative Imitation,” Theodore Levitt argues that ________.
  49. A market nicher is considered to be a(n) ________ specialist if the firm specializes in producing. A certain type of product or product feature such as Rent-a-Wreck, that rents only “beat-up” cars
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